Friday, May 14, 2010

Nature's children dying so your fat ass can ride in air-conditioned luxury

They've kept the pictures from national circulation for over six weeks, for the most part, but the Huffington Post first, and now the Boston Globe, have shown the courage to expose the horrors being visited on wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico as a result of the British Petroleum oil disaster.

Each of the thousands of life forms dying daily in the Gulf of Mexico from crude oil poisoning possesses as equally an inherent right to exist and be happy on this planet as do you, Homo sapiens.

You may be the dominant life form here for now, but you are also the darkest life form and the one most deserving of extinction.

Your day will come, Homo sapiens, as the Earth cleanses herself of your foul presence and begins again the pageant of life.

D. Grant Haynes

If BP capped the well today (June 3, 2010), what the hell is that belching forth in the Gulf of Mexico on this allegedly live camera feed?

Dead sea turtle that washed ashore on Mississippi coast May 5