Thursday, August 30, 2012

Let them eat cake for that toothache

I have been both annoyed and amused by two dentistry ads appearing on the right side of my Facebook page recently. Those writing the ad copy are clueless about the reality of being poor in America.
The focus of one group's ad is that if you are avoiding the dentist because you are afraid of pain, they can help.
Excuse me, "let them eat cake" blind, deaf, and dumb private medical practitioner sycophants and toadies.
I do not avoid a dentist because I fear pain.  I avoid them because I cannot pay for their services and my nation will not help me pay for them, even in my maturity.

The other group is hawking dental implants.  They blithely write of their services costing from $500 to $40,000.  And they have an easy payment plan for you if you need it.  The only hitch is, the balance must be paid in six months.  Let's see ... $40,000 divided by 6 comes out to $6666 a month.
Gee, that's a bit more than my monthly income!

The point is, of course, that persons on modest retirement incomes who lack private insurance (because the monthly premium would be prohibitively high) are written off, abandoned, and not taken into consideration whatsoever in this nation of greed-ridden and selfish capitalists, many of whom pray and sing and cry each Sunday about Jesus' love for the blind, the halt, and the poor.

Jesus aside, either you made it in the USA playing the game in the manner prescribed, or you are hell out of luck at the upper end of your sojourn here.

Universal single payer health care should be a right of every citizen of this nation.